PLECTERE light disc

PLECTERE light disc combines two properties: it improves the acoustics and it emits light. The light disc comprises of a circular LED armature, encircled by a PLECTERE.

The PLECTERE light disc is the ideal object to shed light on your conference table, or it can stand out as an individual object. Use the light disc to decorate your entrance hall, enlighten your atrium or staircase, bring light and tactility with the PLECTERE light disc and improve acoustics at the same time.


The size of the PLECTERE light disc can be adjusted to fulfill
the need for acoustic improvement.

Standard sizes:

Size ± 35 cm(h) x ±  75  cm Ø            

Size ± 35 cm(h) x ± 125 cm Ø

Size ± 35 cm(h) x ± 175 cm Ø

Customization of colour and sizes available on request.

The light disc comes with a dimmable LED strip, emitting a strong cool light. (maximum 7000 Lumen at 4000K)





PLECTERE aline is a partition panel designed to divide space and reduce noise, without disconnecting. It shows beautifully and creates a flexible and unique express.



PLECTERE frame is a standalone partition panel in an ash frame. Due to its light weight, the frame is easy to move around and use in different ways.



PLECTERE curve is a partition panel distinguished by its organic shape. It hangs freely and can be used to create semi-transparent areas for concentration and focus.

CONTACT    PLECTERE is designed by Studio Petra Vonk

Studio adres:

Blokmakerstraat 22

1013DH Amsterdam

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