City of Leiden

PLECTERE already specified in the early stages of interior design.

The City of Leiden recently renovated the former ROC building adjacent to Leiden Central station. At the earliest stage of the design process, Kraaijvanger architects specified PLECTERE acoustic textile due to the multifunctional character of the space which required a determined level of acoustic absorption.


PLECTERE was able to make an important contribution to the acoustic comfort of the large open office concept where the space is divided into zones appropriate to the type of work taking place. Conference, meeting spaces and coffee corners are located in the dusty pink zones. Adjacent to these is the blue zone with flexible workspaces for independent work staff.


The PLECTERE dividers are placed in between the desks in a staggered arrangement, dividing the elongated open space into semi-transparent workspaces. The dividers provide privacy while also dampening the ambient noise, further contributing to the well-being of the employees. PLECTERE provides a softer look to the numerous flexible workspaces, and by adding colour to the soft material, the blue "work" zone is further accentuated.


In cooperation with Kraaijvanger architects.

CONTACT    PLECTERE is designed by Studio Petra Vonk

Post adres:

Adm. de Ruyterweg 103 1st floor

1056 EV  Amsterdam


Blokmakerstraat 22

1013DH Amsterdam

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