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A ‘pretty accessory’ also has to perform a solid function.

Studio Petra Vonk works with experimental knitting techniques and their applications. In co-creation with (interior) architects, her work adds a refreshing functional beauty to interior spaces. The textile applications improve not just the acoustic properties, but also contribute to a more intimate space.


One of her designs, Plectere, is a series of semi-transparent acoustic elements that create a pleasant and calming environment. We have asked her how she came up with this idea.


Plectere curve at Van der Valk Exclusive Hotel Deventer

The historic city of Deventer was a great source of inspiration for the development of this new Van Der Valk Exclusive Hotel. The total concept is based on medieval building styles and textures, and old crafts, including book printing and and weaving.

The integration of these crafts into the decorative concept is realized by the contributions of many contemporary Dutch designers. In this project Studio Petra Vonk, Roos Soetekouw, Kamer 465 and Alex de Witte collaborated with the interior designer Marco Bolderhij.


Plectere aline provides privacy and tranquility in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

Plectere aline felt panels have been used in the restaurant as a visual partition. The Plectere Curve divider provide a graceful round partition creating an intimate seat for two. The acoustic panels create smaller 'rooms' in the long narrow open space, realizing a more intimate atmosphere. At the same time, the braided felt structure contributes to the acoustics in the restaurant.

Plectere aline panels are suspended structures, and a re-organization of the space is therefore quite easy to achieve.


Less disturbing echo sound at Apeldoorn Police Station

Sound can cause many problems. The multifunctional auditorium of the Police Station in Apeldoorn had sound problems. This large room is used as a canteen, but also as a room for presentations and lectures, sometimes small, sometimes large.

Presentations were difficult to understand and even lunch conversations at a table were difficult to follow. The dimensions of the space, an interior with very practical but 'hard' materials and a ceiling height of 4.20 m created this acoustic challenge.

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Plectere acoustic textile Springhouse 1.

SPRINGHOUSE a co-workingspace

A cross between a community for members and a multi-tenant workspace.

An old factory situated in Amsterdam was converted into a lab and salon with restaurant, flexible work space and rooftop atelier. The floors are remodeled to a family of rooms that create a domestic feel, like a house has different spaces for different activities too. The interior of Spring House contains larger and smaller spaces that allowed members to find the right setting for every occasion and type of work.

Plectere acoustic textiles Pinsent Mason

Plectere's first project in Australia!

A new home for Pinsent Masons in Perth.

Pinsent Masons is a global professional services firm specializing in Law. As an innovative company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, they wanted to establish their expertise in a new location, Perth. The assignment for this new location was to create a high-quality work environment that would have a positive impact on both their team and customers. 

M+R BDO DenHaag_PLECTERE acoustic textil

Office for BDO The Hague

New innovative office landscape by M+R architects.


PLECTERE acoustic textile design increases the feeling of privacy in these spaces because it separates the spaces.

By delineating different work areas in an open space with semi-transparent dividers, the sight lines of the large open space are still visible.


The Brookville project

New York

PLECTERE has landed in America.


Last spring, we were commissioned by award-winning New York architects Mancini Duffy to provide the PLECTERE aline for use as room dividers in one of their New York projects. Not only does PLECTERE create visual separation between the different spatial characters, but because of its transparency it retains the open character of the space. The PLECTERE, including their wooden frame were assembled entirely on site.


Headquarters KPMG International

Hospitality — PLECTERE in KPMG restaurant of the Vermaat Group


The restaurant of the headquarters of KPMG in Amstelveen, designed by Marcel van der Schalk, was in need of a serious makeover. The use of hard materials in the ceilings was not conducive to the acoustic experience of the space, and its large size called for some spatial separation...


Delft University of Technology

The Department of Industrial Design chose PLECTERE


The Department of Industrial Design at TU Delft consisted of smaller office spaces separated by an extremely wide corridor in the middle of which are an entire row of large round columns. An open space was created by removing the offices on one side of the corridor in order to accommodate conference space, collaboration areas and flexible workspaces. 3 PLECTERE dividers visually separate the open space from the hallway. This semi-transparent sound-absorbing textile wall brings privacy and tranquillity to the new open space while creating a visual separation between the new corridor and the workplaces.


City of Leiden

PLECTERE already specified in the early stages of interior design


The City of Leiden recently renovated the former ROC building adjacent to Leiden Central station. At the earliest stage of the design process, Kraaijvanger architects specified PLECTERE acoustic textile due to the multifunctional character of the space which required a determined level of acoustic absorption. PLECTERE was able to make an important contribution to the acoustic comfort of the large open office concept where the space is divided into zones appropriate to the type of work taking place..

StudioPetraVonk Vanderlande

Office Vanderlande Industries

PLECTERE helps with the acoustics at VDL.

The new headquarters of Vanderlande Industries is a beautiful and open workplace, bringing people together to collaborate, innovate, learn and socialize. As with many open workplaces, a spatial balance is required to accommodate privacy, wellbeing, focus and concentration. In this case, balance was achieved with PLECTERE dividers placed in a spacious corridor. Not only does this solution create a pleasant and comfortable environment, it absorbs ambient sound and provides visual and spatial separation.

PLECTERE frame akoestisch textiel design

Showroom Royal Ahrend

PLECTERE as window slider at Royal Ahrend.

Ahrend is an international leader in contemporary and sustainable office products. Like PLECTERE, Ahrend products and interiors are designed to encourage wellbeing and productivity. Their showroom in Sint Oedenrode is completely surrounded by glass walls devised with large sliding frames for the walls, integrated with PLECTERE panels. With this bespoke solution, we were able diffuse the light flooding into the space and improve the acoustics at the same time in a subtle, transparent and flexible way.

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