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Plectere's first project in Australia!

A new home for Pinsent Masons in Perth.

Pinsent Masons is a global professional services firm specializing in Law. As an innovative company with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, they wanted to establish their expertise in a new location, Perth. The assignment for this new location was to create a high-quality work environment that would have a positive impact on both their team and customers. 

Plectere acoustic textiles Pinsent Mason

The interior designers of Design Theory developed a concept that focused on "celebrating people and celebrating lifestyle". Multifunctional spaces for concentrated work, collaboration, relaxation, privacy and socializing comfortably complement each other. 

From the feeling of comfort upon entering, to the interior plan of the spaces with the use of textiles and beautiful colored walls, this experience creates the feeling of coming home. All spaces have been designed with care for detail and connected with each other. The material palette is diverse by means of hanging acoustic textile panels of Plectere, characterful textured carpets that contribute to the residential nature of the interior.

Design Theory has delivered an interior design that, in terms of style and comfort, feels like an aesthetically pleasing home in the city of Perth.

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