Delft University of Technology

The Department of Industrial Design chose PLECTERE

The Department of Industrial Design at TU Delft consisted of smaller office spaces separated by an extremely wide corridor in the middle of which are an entire row of large round columns. An open space was created by removing the offices on one side of the corridor in order to accommodate conference space, collaboration areas and flexible workspaces.


3 PLECTERE dividers visually separate the open space from the hallway. This semi-transparent sound-absorbing textile wall brings privacy and tranquillity to the new open space while creating a visual separation between the new corridor and the workplaces.

CONTACT    PLECTERE is designed by Studio Petra Vonk

Post adres:

Adm. de Ruyterweg 103 1st floor

1056 EV  Amsterdam


Blokmakerstraat 22

1013DH Amsterdam

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