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Plectere curve at Van der Valk Exclusive Hotel Deventer

Van der Valk opened its first energy-neutral and natural gas-free hotel in the Netherlands. This new building in Deventer represents an innovative step in the Van Der Valk Exclusive signature.


The historic city of Deventer was a great source of inspiration for the development of this new Van Der Valk Exclusive Hotel. The total concept is based on medieval building styles and textures, and old crafts, including book printing and and weaving. The integration of these crafts into the decorative concept is realized by the contributions of many contemporary Dutch designers. In this project Studio Petra Vonk, Roos Soetekouw, Kamer 465 and Alex de Witte collaborated with the interior designer Marco Bolderhij.


With Plectere curve, Studio Petra Vonk has created visual and acoustic separation of the two meeting rooms in the lobby. In addition to the acoustic effect, the braided felt panels in the beautiful taupe color also have a strong visual effect: privacy is created for the people in the consulting rooms. In addition, the repetition of the pattern and the curved shape of the Plectere panels provides a visual link with the counter, which is located between the two consulting rooms.


Photography: Peter Baas

Interior design: Valk Interiors East, Marco Bolderheij

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