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Less disturbing echo sound at Apeldoorn Police Station

Sound can cause many problems. The multifunctional auditorium of the Police Station in Apeldoorn had sound problems. This large room is used as a canteen, but also as a room for presentations and lectures, sometimes small, sometimes large. Presentations were difficult to understand and even lunch conversations at a table were difficult to follow. The dimensions of the space, an interior with very practical but 'hard' materials and a ceiling height of 4.20 m created this acoustic challenge.


Because the space had to remain very flexible in use various Plectere solutions were chosen to solve the acoustic problems. To separate the tables used for team meetings somewhat from the rest of the room Plectere frames were placed. These freestanding frames can easily be relocated. The required sound absorption is achieved by simply moving the panels. At the same time, the frames can be used to create a visual barrier for more intimate gatherings.


In addition, Plectere tube elements have been hung randomly placed across the auditorium. The braided felt structure provides considerable sound absorption and at the same time gives a pleasant, warm atmosphere to the space. In the occasion of large group presentations, the tubes are pulled up with a subtle pulley system so that they hang from the ceiling like garlands. The acoustic function is preserved, but in this way the elements do not get in the way.

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