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SPRINGHOUSE a co-workingspace

A cross between a community for members and a multi-tenant workspace


An old factory situated in Amsterdam was converted into a lab and salon with restaurant, flexible work space and rooftop atelier. The floors are remodeled to a family of rooms that create a domestic feel, like a house has different spaces for different activities too. The interior of Spring House contains larger and smaller spaces that allowed members to find the right setting for every occasion and type of work.

Plectere acoustic textile Springhouse 1.

The spacious open attic in the top of the building has various work areas which are separated by glass walls which created a fairly serious acoustics problem. The addition of Plectere panels resulted in a significant reduction in the reverberation time. And the beautiful transparency of the Plectere felt structure also brought the necessary privacy, tactility and warmth to the room. To complete the domestic feeling there is the kitchen situated on the ground floor, in the form of a Restaurant Choux.

Architecture Doepelstrijkers
Interior Muller en van Tol


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